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>> dan: in the news this saturday morning, july 30th, still in search of a compromise. republican controlled house and democratic controlled majority senate continues their talks as the country is on the verge of the first ever default. >> good morning. plenty of clouds out there. mist and drizzle, 50s and 60s to start your saturday. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler in for terry mcsweeney. talks will continue on capitol hill this morning as congress tries to come up with a debt deal. yesterday after a 24-hour delay and concessions to conservatives the house narrowly approved the plan only to have it rejected minutes later by the senate.
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california senators boxer and feinstein joined their democratic colleagues in in voting against the bill. you can see with this countdown clock, time is ticking down to tuesday's deadline. it's the democrats turn to keep the country from running out of money and there is little hope that republicans will go along with that. >> speaker boehner had barely and hour to save or his victory. >>. >> though without a single democratic vote. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. a lot of people can never say yes. this house has acted. it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are! >> it came only after boehner
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added a requirement for a balanced budget amendment. that left it dead on arrival in the democratically controlled senate. >> all they do is talk. it's not enough to get done. it's time for us to be adults. >> they are getting only more partisan rancor. there is no balanced budget amendment early on sun but the house will get a jump on it before it reaches the senate floor and almost certainly knocking it down. question is when the two sides will negotiate a compromise that can actually pass. we're told those negotiations have quietly begun. >> the world is watching the debate going on here and they are not happy about the concern of a default or a threat of default on interest rates the world economy. one british official calling this greatest to the world's
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financial system. with forces like that very little effect and very uncertain 72 hours coming up not just for the u.s. but for the world. the american economy is signaling distress over the chaos in washington. yesterday the dow was down for a sixth day in a row. it slid 581 points since last friday for the biggest weekly drop in a year. and the effects of not raising the debt ceiling would reach other areas of the economy. lisa amin gulezian explains how young americans would feel the impact. >> just when it seemed americans were comfortable spending again, the debt limit crisis is creating tension just about everywhere. from wall street where stocks are dropping. >> a lot of people are really pulling their monday out of stock market and getting cash. >> to main street where interest rates and homes and cars are expected to rise.
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people are worried. >> anything that creates head wind for the housing market which higher interest rates. there is going to make go more difficult. >> if the debt ceiling isn't raised, rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage could go up half a 7. which means spending hundreds more on your mortgage. more money for education. college students will wonder how it will impact student loans. >> it makes it harder to pull out a loan. it makes it difficult to get started with life. >> life could get pricier. according to mark investment, the crisis will lead to a further drop in the value of the u.s. dollar. the u.s. dollar has yejs had recently the price of imports increases. >> as a result, he expects the price for goods specifically imported from china like rice
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and spices to go up. >> it has wide ranging effects. it could be very scary. >> it be devastated to the 1.2 million unemployed, their checks may stop because federal funding. >> i may chbd up in soup line like they did the depression days. i don't know. i just know it's going to be bad. >> if you are wondering how to protect your investment, karen osborn says diversify, vest in other currency from other companies and companies based overseas. here is a final note on the debt ceiling showdown that caused a flurry of activity on twitter. thousands of followers dropped president obama's account yesterday after he urged them to tweet their lawmakers. that request was followed by each congressman state by state.
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you can see it simply measured over a four hour period. president lost 37,000 followers, mostly all the tweets were causing too much noise. >> other news this morning, oakland police are hoping a picture will generate tips leading to the gunman who shot and killed a midnight missionary. the shots were from a van, turquoise ford wind star, model year 2001 or newer. brother john was killed early in the morning while feeding the homeless with his family. his pregnant wife and one of two children were wounded. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to brother john's killer. >> the man once called the primary suspect in the vicious beating of a giants fan wants to know the public know what he went through. giovanni ramirez issued a statement through his attorney.
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>> he is stating i am upset not for myself but the grief and embarrassment that my friend, family and loved ones have been put through. >> ramirez was ready on suspicion of beating bryan stow but never charged in the case but he is being held on a parole violation. he was exonerated earlier this month when other suspects were arrested. his attorneys are now asking for his release. >> the man who gained fame after being fired as macy's santa claus has died. 69-year-old john toomey was found yesterday in his hotel room at the residential hotel where he lived. police say the death is not suspicious. he was fired from his long time santa job after an adult who sat on his lap complained when he told a naughty joke. almost immediately after his firing he was hired by nearby lucky oh o'doul's party
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restaurant. >> he worked from 5:00 a.m. and it was delivered to the kids. it's a great loss and we're very sad. >> lucky o'doul's had planned to bring him back next christmas but there is a large voitd void to fill. >> governor brown signed a bill moving the state's primary from february back to june next year. california had tried to increase it's political clout in 2008 by moving the primary to super tuesday but consolidating the statewide primaries is expected to save taxpayers about $100 million. >> up next, ten years after the 9/11 attacks, former president bush reveals exactly what he was thinking in the moments after he learned america was under
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♪ new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. [ bag pipes playing ] a solemn tribute to a fallen marin county sheriff's deputy. they honored jim mathison yesterday. >> i can't describe. he was a wonderful human being. >> if you needed a fence built, he built it. you needed a car washed, he would wash it. he was an absolute great all around guy. he was killed about a week
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and a half ago trying to help the daughter of a friend. he was off duty and unarmed when he was shot by 28-year-old parolee thomas halloran. he had made threats against a former girlfriend. halloran was shot to death by girlfriend's brother. >> they are hoping that ordeal in iran will head. two berkeley grads are due into court that they say will be the last hearing that case. share ray shourd was also defined but released last fall for health reasons. yesterday at a rally in new york she said she owes her life to the two men. >> two innocent men, two compassionate beautiful people. if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be tanned go here today. >> tomorrow's hearing comes two
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years to the day after their arrests along the iran-iraq border. >> in a rare interview, george w. bush puts a new spin on one of the most controversial moments. remember this, it happened in a florida classroom when he was told about the 9/11 attacks. they say he looked stunned in the videotape but mr. bush tells them he was trying to project an aura of calm in a crisis. his first reaction was anger but he did not want to upset the kids. lisa argen is here now with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> 58 degrees outside. plenty of low clouds and fog even in the livermore valley. here is coit tower, low 60s and fog in hayward. santa rosa, mist and drizzle, tell you about the weekend next. >> also next, seeing red. last night in cincinnati. it was game that was saved at
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one point by the arm of nate. one point by the arm of nate. highlights coming up in this
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the new pacific northwest iced coffee. i pledge allegiance. come try our new refreshing drinks from our tour of america menu. or take one to go. only at denny's welcome back everyone. it is 8:16 on this saturday
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morning, under the boardwalk, down by the sea. not very many people there yet as you can see because gloomy and gray and still early. lisa argen will be along with a full accu-weather forecast coming up. a second sea lion has been found with fish line wrapped around its neck. he nearly three weeks ago a sea lion was found with wire around its neck. a family of tourists sent us a photo. second sea lion was spotted near pier 39. both appear healthy but they are concerned the wires could prevent them from eating. they haven't been able to catch either sea lion. a swarm of aggressive honeybees is tormenting a sacramento neighborhood. a beekeeper tried to remove hives from a vacant home in
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favor oaks. that enraged the bee and they swarmed the neighborhood. >> neighbors down the street could watch the swarm of bees from a safe distance. you could truly could watch it from the safety of a car. >> the couple with three children trying to leave on vacation. they felt like hostages to the honeybees. >> they are angry. i understand it. >> she is happy something is being done about this neighborhood nuisance but the timing could not have been worse >> try going out the backyard gate and within the couple of minutes. two of my sons were saying, and they just attacked and they followed us back into our house. we came back into the house and we killed seven bees and they
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followed us back in. so we're currently literally trapped inside our house. >> then somebody suggested the family build a fire outside a bucket outside the front door. christopher carried the luggage and they bumped their three young children and one by one took them to safety. then one last thing. douse the fire, of course. the vacation had been saved. in fair oaks, george warren, "abc 7 news". lisa argen our meteorologist is here to talk about the weather forecast. we're still below normal. >> it's been the summer of troughs and we have another strange occurrence perhaps around the eastern sierra this afternoon and maybe some thunderstorms in parts of the south bay, more towards monterey tomorrow. here is a look at mount tam, marine layer for a time was 2,000 feet deep.
8:20 am
we are looking at things really gray around the bay. with low clouds and fog from santa rosa, to hayward and mist and drizzle out there. warmer over in the east bay, 60s and 62 in redwood city with numbers elsewhere in the upper 50s. the fog and clouds have moved across the bay are beginning to peel back around the delta. vacaville is sunny and mild to warm weekend. 60s and 70s around the bay. some upper 80s inland the high clouds filtering in. not so much today, more in the way tomorrow. so we will have the mixed bag of the sun and clouds closer to the coast you get. in fact the fog will be out for most of the dare along the shoreline. look at the fog, everywhere from point reyes down to santa cruz. we will see some clearing it will take throughout the entire morning for the san mateo coast. we are looking at the fog and
8:21 am
low clouds peeling back from the east bay. concord and livermore walking up to the low clouds this morning. by the next hour or so, you'll get into the sunshine and afternoon highs below normal. here is what is going on. subtropical moisture. we are on the edge of this system. so today it continues to head up to the sierra nevada. you saw lots of showers and storms. today the same situation. so if you are traveling eastward watch out for storms today, tomorrow and perhaps heavy downpours yosemite down south. by tomorrow afternoon, more of the moisture feeds into the parts the bay area. diablo range could see cumulus clouds and late day storms. then into san benito county and southern monterey and moisture heading up through the south bay. garlic festival in gilroy, feeling more muggy tomorrow.
8:22 am
98 in fresno. 82 in los angeles and for the south bay, upper 70s to low 80 to mid-80s. 79 in milpitas. look for upper 70s in menlo park. the fog hangs on until the afternoon. then we'll see partly cloudy skies. 56 in san francisco. 86 up in cloverdale. afternoon sun, 75 in vallejo. how about 70 in oakland. so getting at least to the 70-degree mark. 75 in union city and out over the hills. 85 in dublin. 87 in concord and you saw the gray in santa cruz. later on, low 70s so feeling pretty good at the boardwalk there. today, we will have a sunny afternoon but if you are going to be near the coast the next several days, we got the persistent low clouds and fog, sea breeze but that is not going to change for the foreseeable future. >> strange summer.
8:23 am
>> let's look at sports. tonight the giants are going to try to rebound from last night's disappointing loss in cincinnati. madison bumgarner will make the start. last night, edgar renteria hit a walk off single for the reds. larry beil has highlights. >> good morning. giants are in cincinnati, reds filled with so many familiar faces and the giants were in done by one of their own, edgar renteria. carlos beltran, 1 for 5 and lewis firing home but a replay showed he was out. baker was pleased. 4-1 giants. down 3-2 and aubrey huff, all the way from first and he is
8:24 am
safe. to the tenth, still tied. todd frazier a shallow fly ball. and votto testing nate. bad idea. all the way to the 13th and edgar renteria, now a red singling off, jay bruce coming in, good night. reds pull it 4-3 in the 13 inning. >> jack willingham stretching his muscles, two-run bomb to die it up. it all came apart late. twins get four runs in the eighth, twins go on to take it 9-5. >> on the n.f.l., jim har withdraw, he has got a lot of
8:25 am
holes to fill. then there is michael crabtree in a boot out four to six weeks which seems to be a chronic foot problem. you got the quarterback situation. alex smith signed but league rules prevent him from practicing until next thursday. rookie practiced how to take a snap. patrick willis, saw his buddy leave for san diego. so many changes. >> unfortunately, there is some guys i've had the pleasure of playing with that no longer with us anymore. that is just part of the game. >> here is another part of the game. there were so many rumors, he was going to jets, no the cowboys and the niners had a shot. the ex-raider signed
8:26 am
philadelphia. five-year $60 million deal. >> tennis up in stanford. serena williams and maria sharapova. all serena. you saw the power there. on the serve and then watch the feather touchback shot. serena would cruise in straight sets 6-3, 6-1 and she has not lost to maria sharapova since 2004. more highlights and all baseball on the news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 8:30 a warning from the highway patrol, bay bridge drivers are heating up on the chp and is cracking down.
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welcome back everyone. >> despite the deadlock on how to reduce the deficit, president obama says in his weekly address that republicans and democrats are not that far apart. the countdown to tuesday's deadline shows little time left as you see there, little time to
8:30 am
get a bill through both houses of congress and signed by the president. based on what we are seeing and hearing in public from the leaders of both parties, a compromise by tuesday seems impossible, but even now the president says progress is being made. >> i have to say democrats in congress and some senate republicans have been listening and showing themselves willingness to solve the crisis. now, all of us including the republicans and democrats need to demonstrate the same kind of responsibility that american people show everyday. the time to put party first is over. time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> and president obama citizen both parties roughly agree on how much spending to cut to reduce the deficit. he says both parties agree on a process for tax and entitlement reform. if an agreement is not reached, say the economy is at risk of slipping into another recession.
8:31 am
a default would push up interest rates for mortgages to auto loans to credit cards. it would also stop unemployment checks and that is just the beginning of the bad news. capital correspondent nannette miranda explains from sacramento. >> it could be a very abrupt notification. >> they are racing to put together letters to 1.2 million californians receiving unemployment checks notifying them their money may stop coming if the debt crisis isn't resolved. $320 million in benefits would abruptly stop because the program has been running on federal loans since january 2009. >> we don't have a reserve. our unemployment insurance fund it's $8.5 billion in the hole. we don't have the voucher to make those payments. >> robert could be hit with a double wham had i he collects social security and unemployment after losing his part-time job.
8:32 am
it's possible he wouldn't get either. >> i might end up in a soup line like they did in the depression days. i don't know. i just know it's going to be bad. >> public schools are worried they won't be able to provide the federally funded free lunches anymore. sometimes it's the only meal kid get. 18 cents in federal gas taxes would be put on hold in california jeopardizing thousands of jobs. the scenario seems familiar. >> we've been through scary times in california. in 2009, we were very much on the edge with a $42 billion deficit. we got it done. they've got to get it done in washington, d.c. >> but the clock is ticking and so many lives are on the line. >> the politicians aren't even thinking about it or don't care. they are putting and say they care about the public but they
8:33 am
don't. >> they took out $35 billion loan in anticipation of the problems of washington, d.c. but edd says they don't think they can tap into that because the state has its own bills to pay. >> "abc 7 news" wants to share your personal stories how the economic downturn has changed your life. record out your cellphone or digital camera and upload it to ureport at >> the highway patrol is cracking down on speeders along the upper deck of the bay bridge. this comes after automated detectors show drivers are driving ten miles an hour faster than they were a year ago. the speed approach approaches s-curve is 40 miles per hour. caltrans and the chp will determine in a few weeks if drivers are getting the message and whether those extra patrols
8:34 am
need to stay on the bridge. the love of everything garlic is expected to draw more than 100,000 garlic lovers to gilroy's christmas hill park this weekend. 33rd annual garlic festival continues today and tomorrow from 10:00 until 7:00 tonight. at 10:00 this morning, eight chefs from all over the country are going to participate in the finals of the great garlic cook-off. drivers should leave early and come home late because highway 101 becomes gridlock during the festival hours. so the pungent smell is going to hang in there. >> it's typical. in the 80s down there. low clouds and fog pretty much everywhere but a little bit brighter around the airport and san jose u can see all the haze out there. airport delays and the possibility of a thunderstorm or
8:35 am
two coming up tomorrow. your forecast is next. >> got to be kidding. a whale of a story, researchers say a humpback off the california coast and receive an amazing thank you from the whale. i can't let allergies stop me from leading the way. so, i get claritin clear. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep you as alert and focused as someone without allergies. no other brand can say that not even allegra. live claritin clear.
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. welcome back, 8:37. thank you for waking up for us this saturday morning. you are look at tam cam and what those clouds mean weather wise. >> we would like to show you a fascinating story of the sea of
8:38 am
cortez. researchers working in baja california came upon a whale entangled in a fishing net. what happened next is amazing. >> when the team of researchers came across this humpback whale, they thought she was dead. and then. one of the researchers michael fishback to hop in to see what was wrong. she was tangled in 200 feet of netting and quickly losing strength. >> she was in horrible shape. this humpback whale would not have survived another night. she really had a hard time moving and even breathing. >> he tried to free her but he couldn't. >> i got a fin free. >> so he and his teammates worked from the boat to the her loose with a small knife to help
8:39 am
them. >> she knows what is going on. >> she has to be able to breathe. >> partially freed the whale started swimming with the boat. [ laughter ] >> the whale was tired and they went back to work, slowly cutting the net. >> her life was on the line and we were her lifeline to live. >> after an hour, the whale was finally free. as she swam off. there was this. and then this. and then another. whale left length out of the water 40 times. >> it was a magnificent life form on this planet that was on the brink of death that was free and just showing it's a joy of
8:40 am
being alive. >> what a little dance there. >> i don't know about dancing about our weather. >> you know if you like it, it's going to stick around a while. the low clouds the fog and unseasonably cool temperatures. we do have changes to the weekend. we'll talk about that in a minute. outside roof camera. the mist and drizzle but things are kind of bright things up in parts of the bay area. a little spot at the airport and san jose coming in with partly sunny skies. the fog has peeled back from the delta but gusty winds, up to 38 miles an hour out of southwest toward fairfield. 58 in san francisco and 59 in half moon bay. a warmer start for some of you. the afternoon will be pretty much the same with mild to warm temperatures. the fog peeling back and
8:41 am
sunshine. a few high clouds entering the picture and more in the way of high and mid-level clouds tomorrow. today we will see it once again, the sun and the clouds. as you head towards the san mateo coast through the afternoon for the fog to clear and then it will be partly sunny with highs just in the mid-60s there. lots of 70s around the bay. 90s, not really. you have to go out to sacramento san joaquin valley and comfortable mid and upper 80s. changes come in the form of subtropical moisture that has invaded northern sierra. southern sierra, flash float watch today as the moisture heads down the spine of the sierra nevada and comes closer to the bay area. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, build-up from the diablo range leading to a chance of a thunderstorm. dry lightning for san benito county and monterey county a
8:42 am
slight chance of thunderstorms are more likely. maybe a little more muggy atmosphere and sacramento today, in the low 90s. upper 90s in fresno with 77 at big sur. the fog along the shoreline for the morning hours and 80 in cupertino and 85 in los gatos and afternoon sun with mild 60s. mountain view and in san francisco we'll see partly cloudy skies, 66 south city. some airport delays, arriving flights up to 49 minutes. ceilings will lift and more sunshine in the north bay today with 81 in novato. 75 in vallejo. 68 in berkeley. a few low 70s for hayward and san leandro but as you head out to fremont. upper 70s and upper 80s towards pittsburg. that is out towards the delta. walnut creek, 86.
8:43 am
sun will be shining in monterey. 60s, 70s and 80s and few extra clouds in the east bay valleys and south bay an isolated thunderstorm and then we still will look at below normal temperatures. another trough sets up along the coast for monday. so it will be unseasonably cool. >> thank you, lisa. >> as you know, diego rivera was an artist. four works are right in the bay area and now plans to move one of them. as lyanne melendez reports it's been without a proper home since 1940. >> this is his largest standing mural crammed inside a small performing arts theater at city college. it was never intended to live here. in 1940 the plan was to build a library big enough to house the mural. but then came world war ii. he is with diego mural project.
8:44 am
>> you couldn't get concrete or steel in world war ii, so library was multiuse place so there wasn't anything large enough. this is 22 feet high by 74 feet long. it does take up a little bit of wall space. >> that is nearly as long as a tennis court. the president of city college and well known architect convinced him to come to san francisco to participate in the golden gate international expo signifies. >> what he was paid a thousand dollars a month for living expenses and thousand dollars travel, but the mural itself is his gift to the city college. >> the mural is a fusion between the great, past contributions of latin america and later north america's technological
8:45 am
innovation. a panorama covers a significant portion of the mural. his ex-wife is prominently shown even though he is behind her holding another woman's name. they later remarried at san francisco's city hall. for more than 20 years, this ten-panel mural was stored in crates until it was installed into a small theater. very little is known about it. >> to get in here and study it. nobody had written anything about it. >> they are working on relocation proposal. they got the attention of the mexican government. a few weeks ago, a panel of experts arrived to examine the mural and see how it could be transferred. >> the mural and fresco has to be very well protected so during
8:46 am
movement it doesn't get damaged. that is what the mexican experts are expert on. >> each panel is securely fastened to steel frames. here is what the back of the mural looks like. >> talks are underway to move the mural, the place that would house it has yet to be built. this is a proposed site behind me. a parking lot here at city college. this is what the building would look like. >> they reached out to them. she and her husband put together a committee called the friends of diego rivera's murals. >> we want to make sure that it will not you aren't fear with money with other programs or education. this is outside money to provide the college to be able to do. >> they will have to rely on deep pockets and donations from the public. there are three other murals in the bay area. one at san francisco's city
8:47 am
club. a second at the art institute and another at u.c. berkeley. many believe the mural at city college should have a home worthy of its stature. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> an old gift card causes new problems. i'm michael finney, coming up, problem solved.áñáñáñáñáñáñáñáñw
8:48 am
8:49 am
well, it is looking a little gray and gloomy in san francisco at ferry building. this is a live look from our roof cam, but you know that is the way it goes. it will get better as the day wears on. welcome back. it is 8:49 and lisa will come along to give you a full accu-weather forecast just a bit
8:50 am
later before we end the newscast. >> well known restaurant chain says no to a bay area woman when she tried to use her gift certificate. she knew it was against the law oh ee turned to 7 on your side's michael finney for help. >> she is telling me about a night out she had with a friend recently. she planned to pay with an old gift certificate her husband never used. >> it was a gift certificate but it's blue. they said, we don't take them anymore. >> a gift certificate rather an gift card. that is sure tip-off it was old. >> i was with a girlfriend you don't know how that feels. [ laughter ] >> she was at the restaurant and had to pay cash.
8:51 am
she had the money but there was the $100 worth of fine japanese food she wasn't going to get. so she called and complained. >> i told them the situation. the gift certificate was denied. >> why? >> because it was so old. >> how old was it? >> about five, six rears old. >> in the state of california that is not allowed. so she contacted 7 on your side and we contacted the restaurant and explained the law. the restaurant came through in record time giving her the certificates for $100. they even offered up a free lunch. >> i can give you lunch which will be on me if you will have it. i said i will take a rain check for that one. [ laughter ] >> so remember this, if you have a gift card issued in california
8:52 am
it cannot expire, even if it's five or six years old. up next, a kiss is just a kiss but this unforgettable one will last forever here in the bay area. ♪
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mega number is 35. no one correctly picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot is estimated at $85 million. >> one of iconic images of the end of world war ii is the famous kiss in times square. a copy of a giant sculpture of the kiss is in the bay area for a campaign of remembrance. don sanchez shows us the work of art. famous photograph in times square by life magazine is symbol of the celebration that ended world war ii. look at the kiss as a sculpture. this is reproduction six feet tall of the 125 foot statute by stewart johnson. >> when the people came home they saw the bond. >> people came back home and in a sense rebuilt the world. veterans gathered at u.s.s.
8:56 am
hornet for the ceremony and remembered those that didn't come back. >> it was the culmination of the ending of a very bitter war. [ "taps" playing ] >> she was just a few miles from times square when the celebration happened. >> people could start living again. they started doing that, it's very important to me. >> the idea of an annual tribute came from the nurse in the photo when she visited the bay area in february 2010. she died four months later but her vision lives on with a national spirit of '45. >> the couple are leaving here for the veterans' home in yountville eventually wiped go up in san jose for the spirit of 45.
8:57 am
>> it will be in history park. five new ones will take part in the march of the penguins. this shows last year's march. babies are mature enough to rejoin their group. this year, four males and one female hatched in mid may and they will return to the colony. for five weeks they were carefully raised behind the scenes for caretakers who hand fed them and taught them how to fish and swim. making penguin island making home to 49 penguins. that is the largest group in north measuring. there is something so cute about them. >> we've got fog in the city right now. airport delays, ceilings will be lifted and view from mount tam you can see all the gray, marine layer out there. it will be shrinking throughout the afternoon. it will be bringing back to the
8:58 am
coast with 60s there. 65 in downtown, partly cloudy and 87 in livermore. few high cloud tomorrow, more in the way of mid-level clouds, maybe a thunderstorm in the east bay to south bay. then still same pattern with low clouds and fog in the morning. 70s around the bay and near 90 inland. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. have a great day. we'll both see you tomorrow. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' scho get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instrents. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're e only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money foyour kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference.
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